vegan resources

VEGAN SUPERSTARS: some of my favorite animal advocates

Gary Francione – Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach
Gary Yourofsky – ADAPTT: Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau – Author, Speaker, Animal Advocate
Bite Size Vegan: Emily Moran Barwick – articulate, intelligent, passionate animal advocate
James Aspey – went voiceless for 365 days to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence

VEGAN YOUTUBE CHANNELS: my personal picks – Dr. Greger’s well documented, concise, entertaining plant based info
John McDougall M. D. – starch based vegan diet and health
Bite Size Vegan – Emily’s well researched, in depth and interesting info on all things vegan
Vegan Geezer – vegan family, fun with JoJo, educational, inspirational, poetically artistic
Jenny Mustard – minimalistic / artistic / elegant – vegan food, fashion, home, lifestyle
Sweet Potato Soul – yummy vegan recipes, fashion, lifestyle delivered with a smile
BananaBlondie108 – fun, and often hilariously irreverant, plant based/vegan yogini
Guilt Free Vegan – thoughtful, chill, informative – vegan health, fitness, food, lifestyle
High Carb Hannah – recipes, weight loss, tiny home living
James Aspey – thoughtful, articulate, animal advocate
Vegetable Police – visually and audibly creatively artistic, educational and hilarious


Oh She Glows
High Carb Hannah’s Recipe books, weight loss guide and vegan instant pot cooking
This Rawsome Vegan Life – raw vegan recipes online, as well as cookbooks/ebooks
Feasting on Fruit – snacking made sweeter with fruit
The engine 2 diet


How Not to Die by Michael Greger, M. D.
The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle


Earthlings – THIS is the movie that made me go vegan in one day! I rate it TEN stars for its impact on changing lives and the world for the better. If it doesn’t shake you up, you might next try one of the documentaries that deal with health or the environment.
Forks Over Knives – learn about the best diet for your health
Cowspiracy – The film that environmental organizations don’t want you to see